Ukrainian Orphan Crisis

100% of Every Donation Goes Directly to Help Orphaned Children

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100% of Every Donation Goes Directly to Help Orphaned Children

Thousands of Ukrainian Orphans have been evacuated to Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Moldova and other countries due to the Russian Invasion. Many have made their way into western Ukraine. Volunteers have made extraordinary efforts to get children out out of harms way.

With bombings happening all around them they had to quickly gather documents, papers and passports, and left with little except the clothing they were wearing and maybe a favorite toy.

In November The World Orphan Fund made our third trip to Ukraine to see things first hand, and we are now providing emergency funding for food, blankets, generators, clothing, medical supplies, housing, caregivers and transportation. We are working directly with NGOs and local volunteers on the ground.

  • We've sent emergency funds to help feed 1,680 children at 32 orphanages in 10 regions. Many of these children have been moved from the East to get them out of the path of the war.

  • We've delivered 2,500 coats and 2,000 blankets for children at 35 orphanages.

  • We've purchased 37 generators for orphanages.

  • We've delivered more than 1,000 pairs of winters boots.

  • We've provided funding to start 35 centers for the internally displaced (IDPs).

  • We've sent $600,000 for emergency food for refugees

  • We've purchased 35 chromebooks for orphans and refugee children at 4 camps in Germany, so they can school virtually in their own language, and we are providig scholarships for children to attend virtual school

  • We are funding micro-grants to orphan caregivers in the occupied territory through cash cards.

  • We're sending funding to feed and house 500 orphans who have been evacuated to Romania.

Our mission continues to grow and we urgently need your help. Please consider making a donation today. As always, 100% of every donation to the the World Orphan Fund goes directly to help orphaned children.

Thank you for your support!


R.J. Johnson
President, The World Orphan Fund

P.S - If you are aware of an orphanage in need, please contact me directly at Thank you.